Terms of use for AZRA Network and privacy policy

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Thank you for choosing AZRA Network, a leader in the industry of electric transportation! Before using our services, you must carefully read the following terms of use and privacy policy. By browsing on the website or by using our mobile Application, you agree to these terms of use and privacy policy without reservation. Please note that some of these conditions may be changed without prior notice. In such a case, these changes will be announced and by then continuing to use our services, it is understood that you agree that these additional requirements would then form part of your contractual agreement with AZRA Network. If at any time you do not or cannot accept the terms hereof, you must immediately cease accessing the website or using the mobile Application. Confidentiality We would like to reassure you that we attribute a great deal of importance to your privacy and will take reasonable measures to ensure its respect. In order to use some of our services, you will be required to divulge some personal information. Despite our efforts to ensure that third parties cannot access your personal information, complete confidentiality and security are not guaranteed on the Internet to date. Internet communications are vulnerable and may be subject to interception, loss or alteration. Consequently, under these conditions, you expressly acknowledge and agree unequivocally that AZRA Network is not liable for damages resulting from the transmission of confidential information or personal information via the Internet and such communications are at your own risk. AZRA Network will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless permitted hereunder, and unless required by law or by court order to that effect. Certain personal information may however be shared with our service providers. Furthermore, AZRA Network may provide this information to third parties in the event of a sale or transfer of business. It is possible that your personal information collected on our site and / or our mobile Application could be used for targeted advertising by one of our partners or collaborators, but only if you have agreed to sign up to one of their loyalty programs. Also, some information that is not personal, incapable of identifying you personally, could be shared with third parties for informational purposes only. If any of your personal information has changed, please advise us immediately by email at the following address: [email protected] Cookies If you click on the logo of a third party displayed on our website, it is understood that the present terms of use and privacy policy do not apply and you will have to consult the other website’s terms of use and privacy policy. AZRA Network has no control over these sites and does not assume any responsibility in any way whatsoever, by listing them on its website. Trademarks and Intellectual Property Intellectual property rights on the website and mobile Application are the property of AZRA Network, which does not grant any license or any other right other than simple use, within the limits indicated below. It is understood that some of the material found on AZRA Network’s website or mobile Application may be trademarks belonging to members of AZRA Network, its service providers or are used with permission of third party owners. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any documents, data or information found on AZRA Network’s website or mobile Application. It is strictly forbidden to copy, create derivative works, modify, try to find the source code, sell, assign or transfer any right or any element attached to AZRA Network’s mobile Application or website. Liability and disclaimer of warranty You hereby agree to protect your technical equipment, notably against any form of contamination by viruses and / or intrusion attempts. AZRA Network cannot therefore, in any event, be liable. AZRA Network takes appropriate measures to ensure the reliability of information provided on their website and mobile Application. However AZRA Network cannot always guarantee the absolute accuracy of this information. AZRA Network offers services that are subject to an obligation of means, within the limits of what is commercially reasonable. AZRA Network does not guaranty nor declare that their services will necessarily meet your needs and / or expectations. Their service is provided as is, as available. In other words, AZRA Network has no obligation with respect to the functionality, availability and reliability of its services, including without limitation the website and mobile Application. AZRA Network expressly denies any liability for damages that may result from the unavailability of the website or mobile Application, whether due to the fault of AZRA Network or not, and regardless of whether such inaccessibility was reported or not to AZRA Network. Despite the above mentioned specific cases, generally speaking, AZRA Network denies all liability for any damages that might result from the website or mobile Application or its content. Using the service and content It is possible that the service provided by AZRA Network erroneously lists locations or availability of its charging stations and that this incorrect information may cause some inconvenience. You hereby expressly declare that AZRA Network is cleared of all liability for the inconvenience arising from any information that is shared by AZRA Network. All information, including pricing, contained on the website or mobile Application may, without notice, be modified by AZRA Network. When using AZRA Network’s website, it is forbidden to post or otherwise transmit on the website any contemptible information or anything that is contrary to law and could cause damage to anyone. In the event that such information is shared, AZRA Network assumes no liability and the defaulting party shall indemnify AZRA Network, including all professional fees incurred, if any. Sales taxes and payment You can replenish your account in advance, except that no sales tax will be applied at that time. Applicable taxes, calculated in accordance with government authorities, applied based on the geolocation of the user at the time of payment, are included and will be paid for each use of AZRA Network’s charging stations. The payments will be made by credit cards authorized by AZRA Network. Cancellation AZRA Network may terminate your access to the service at any time at its sole discretion. General Provisions The present terms of use and privacy policy are interpreted under the laws of the Province of Quebec (Canada). Furthermore, it is understood that the parties irrevocably elect domicile in the judicial district of Montreal, Province of Quebec for the purposes of all legal proceedings. If any provision hereof is declared invalid by the courts, said provision shall be deemed to be excluded and will have no effect on the balance hereof Contact us! If you have questions or comments, send us an email to the following address: .